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To be considered as a bedroom, your room needs to have a bed. We spend more time on our bed than on any other piece of furniture in our home.The first coiled spring mattress wasnt invented until 1871. About 43% of children from ages 3 – 4 have a television in their bedrooms. A person typically spends a third of their life sleeping. The amount of sleep we need depends on many factors – especially our age. Infants may need 14 – 15 hours, toddlers 12 – 14 hours, school-age children 10 – 11 hours, while adults may only need 7 – 9 hours. Many houses in America have at least two bedrooms – one for master bedroom and the other bedroom/s for either the children or guests.

A bunk bed is a bed which its bed frame is stacked on top of another. The most common type of bunk bed is the one which has two mattresses (same size) stacked one directly over the other. A loft bed is a bed similar to a bunk bed but it has no lower bed, freeing floor space for other furniture. Some studies tell us that bedroom air is polluted up to about 60% times or more in comparison to our living room which is about 30% more polluted than outside air.

Poor ventilation and sealed environment completely can definitely prohibit air curculation and so pollutes and toxin levels in our bedroom air will only increase and never decrease.

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